The Sale of Apartments and Houses

Apartment Buildings

During the first phase of the building activities, the apartments in buildings B1 and B2 will be sold.

Along with each apartment, you will be offered the opportunity to buy a garage place for the price of 250.000,- CZK (exclusive VAT).

The first 10 buyers will recieve a price reduction: Their garage places will cost only 150.000,- CZK (exclusive VAT).

The prices of the building lots for the houses include the infrastructural networks (drinking water, sewerage, electricity and access via a public street), as well as a building or land use permit for the house itself.

Download the catalogue of our available houses here.

Technical Aspects of the Building Construction

In the construction of the houses traditional building materials will be used, such as brick, wood and local sandstone. The houses will be built on a foundation of concrete strips with a concrete foundation floor. The walls will be completely constructed with the use of the “Porotherm” brick building system from the Wienerberger company. A concrete rim will be placed on top of the walls.

The wooden parts will be constructed of pine beams with a diameter of 250/250 mm. These beams will be worked up at the location, using well-tried 150 year old technical processes. The chinks in between will be filled with isolation materials (mineral wool) and finished with limy mortar containing a dispersion agent.

The ceilings will be supported by wooden beams. The roof construction consists of pine beams with a light roofing of beternit (a cement roofing without the asbestos found in the earlier product eternit), imitation wooden shingles or imitation slate tiles (produced with recycled plastics) or plastificated tinplate in the shape of ceramic roof tiles.

The attic will also be adapted for living, with the use of plasterboard fitted on certified construction elements. For the insulation of this floor, mineral wool will be applied. Staircases will be constructed of wood.

Windows will consist of one wing with insulation (double) glazing, optically divided into several panes, to be opened both around a horizontal and a vertical axis. Doors will be fabricated of wood and placed in wooden door-frames with decorative laths along the wall. Floors can be laid according to the wishes of the buyer in either flagstone, linoleum, as a floating floor or in wooden boards. The connection to infrastructural networks (i.e. drinking water, sewerage, electricity and (natural) gas) will be carried out according to the possibilities in situ.

The houses will have central underfloor heating, combined with radiators. The heating source can be chosen by the customer; the possibilities include electrical energy, natural gas and possibly also a heat pump. As a additional source of heating, a furnace will be installed in the living room. The sewerage will generally be connected to the municipal sewerage. If impossible, the sewage will be treated in an individual sewage disposal system on the building lot, and, only in unavoidable cases, a cesspit, which has to emptied regularly, will be used.

All houses will be realised according to building permits and/or after the regular notification of the construction to the proper authorities, in compliance with Czech Act No. 183/2006 Sb. (the Building Act).

The prices are determined for each house individually, according to the actual wishes of the customer and the size and position of the house.